I am an engaged woman because:
I am tired of partisan fighting getting in the way of making progress on issues |
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Engage's mission is to provide all American women, regardless of race, religion or gender identity, with the keys to lifelong economic security. LEARN MORE
We seek to be a new women’s movement which mobilizes elected, non-profit, and corporate leaders to address economic security. LEARN MORE
We promote key pillars of women’s economic security: lifelong health, education and workforce, generational caregiving, and financial prosperity. We are guided by the principles of inclusion, innovation, and inquiry. LEARN MORE
Engage celebrates bipartisanship. No matter who wins an election, it’s the only path forward. LEARN MORE
The thread of a woman’s economic life:
47% of adults in this age group have a parent 65 or older and are either raising a young child or financially supporting a grown child.
A third of Baby Boomers in or approaching retirement have between $0 and $25,000 set aside.
Most adults in poverty are women. The median annual income of women age 65 and older is 42 percent lower than men.
The average student loan debt total per person is $31,172. Graduates will make these monthly payments for 10-30 years.
The median age of women getting married is 28, and the average marriage length that ends in divorce is 7 years. Women’s household income falls by 41% with divorce, almost 2x the decline that men experience.
The average age of female entrepreneurs today is 42.
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What makes
Engage different?

Engage is unique in the landscape of women’s non-profit organizations because we focus on the entire thread of a woman’s economic life.

Engage does not discuss divisive social issues: reproductive rights/right to life positions and judicial nominations.

Engage does not endorse candidates running for elected office.

Engage does not raise money for or contribute to candidates running for elected office.

from our founder, RACHEL PEARSON

“The political conversation has not adapted to women’s current economic realities. Engage is emerging in a period of profound transformation in every part of our lives, societally and economically. We are a powerful convening of ideas and people taking real action to promote women’s economic security in the United States.”

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Our Mission
To provide all American women, regardless of race, religion, or gender identity, with the keys to lifelong economic security.
We seek to uncover new and thoughtful approaches to tackling big problems, understanding that solutions will be best found through public and private sector cooperation. We celebrate lawmakers who elevate the solution above political fighting.
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