“Bipartisanship is the necessity of the new century. Instead of doubling down in anger, we must demand our elected leaders double down in cooperation.”

- Rachel Pearson, Engage Founder

Engage’s mission is to provide all American women, regardless of race, religion or gender identity, with the keys to lifelong economic security.

We harness the power of women to inspire them into action.

We educate with facts, unfettered by biases and political partisanship.

We focus on the challenges we must face,and we foster a greater understanding of the legislative and corporate compromises necessary to pass responsible economic policy solutions.

Engage celebrates bipartisanship & private sector initiative

The case for bipartisanship & business leadership:

Regardless of which political party holds the majority, effective governing at the federal, state, and local levels demands elected leaders work together. No matter who wins an election, bipartisanship is the only path forward.

Similarly, cooperation between the public and private sectors is of fundamental necessity when crafting responsible policy. Engage celebrates this work and deeply encourages it.

We seek to be a new women’s movement that mobilizes business, non-profit, and elected leaders at the federal, state, and local levels to address our challenges.

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