We seek policies that empower women and their families.
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Public and private sector commitment to stimulating opportunity that allows women to achieve economic success.
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Engage’s Pillars & Principles

To give voice to American women and make progress on issues of economic security, Engage is launching a new national conversation. We will remain anchored by our key pillars and guided by our key principles.

The Pillars of Engage

Women’s Health & Family Health

Health issues including maternal mortality, mental health, caring for our aging parents and families, and the cost of care are top of mind for American women on a daily basis.

Women at Work

Success at work depends on policies that support women’s reality such as paid family leave, affordable childcare, job training, diversity and inclusion, access to capital, and pay equity.

Women & Technology

America’s technological divide has a disproportionate impact on women. Developing infrastructure is critical to expand access to remote work, education, and telehealth. Equally important are STEM initiatives that build opportunities for women and girls to advance.

The 50+ Woman

Older women in particular are facing economic fragility as they deal with health care costs, high unemployment, and a lack of preparation for retirement. COVID 19’s most dire impact has been particularly on senior communities of color.

Guiding Principles


We are dedicated to creating a movement that includes women across the political spectrum and the country. Engage seeks to unite women and not allow them to be divided along traditional political lines.


We are more alike than we are different. In an effort to keep women united around our shared mission, Engage does not discuss divisive social issues, namely reproductive rights/right to life positions and judicial nominations.


We seek to uncover new and thoughtful approaches to tackling big problems, understanding that solutions will be best found through public and private sector cooperation.


We advocate for and organize around bipartisanship as a means for effecting lasting change. No matter
who wins an election or which political party holds the majority, working together towards consensus is the only path forward.

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We value policymakers who cross the partisan divide to solve economic issues that impact women’s financial security.
Engage also seeks to highlight and congratulate corporations and business leaders who are addressing these challenges in the private sector.
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“Longevity demands rethinking of all stages of life, not just old age.”
By Laura L. Carstensen
Women outnumber, outvote, and outlive men. Help Engage harness this power to facilitate new conversations about women's economic security.

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