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What is the one change you believe would lead to the biggest improvement for women’s economic security?

To start saving as early as possible. Even if it’s just a small percentage of a paycheck, every little bit counts, and it can go a long way. We should also aim to diversify our savings as much as possible. We don’t want it all locked away in a retirement account, so try to divide up savings among an accessible rainy-day fund, a retirement account, and some other form of general investing, as appropriate for your financial position. There are tons of resources out there with lots of helpful information and guidance, we just have to take the leap to educate ourselves and get the process started.

Who are you most inspired by right now?

I am always most inspired by musicians.

Right now there’s a lot of talk about the importance of musicians owning their masters — Taylor Swift has begun the process of re-recording her old albums just so she can own them. Fearless was released just last month, and that was a big deal for me. I would call that inspiring!

What is one thing you have seen, read, or heard that you would recommend to everyone?

A few months ago, I read Beneath a Scarlet Sky. It’s a true story about an average Italian teenager in Milan during World War II who finds himself as the driver for one of the most powerful Nazis stationed in Italy. World War II has always been the most interesting period for me to study, yet I’ve never come across in-depth accounts about the painful experiences of everyday Italians. In the prologue, the author refers to it as the “Forgotten Front” – this book makes it feel a bit less forgotten. I encourage you to check it out.

If you could have any job in the world for one month, what would it be and why?

I would be the Ambassador of the United States to Spain, and there are so many reasons why. I’d get to keep working in government and politics, and I’d be in Madrid — my favorite city in the world. Plus, my sister lives there!

Who do you love to follow on social media and why?

I follow a bunch of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac fan accounts that are always posting old concert footage. She’s my favorite artist, and they’re my favorite band, so I can watch them for hours.

Laura Valentine is the Chief of Staff for Engage. You can reach her at

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3 years ago

Time to save! Thank you warrior

Judy and Gene Pearson
Judy and Gene Pearson
3 years ago

Laura, when you are appointed the U. S. Ambassador to Spain, we will have an excuse to visit Spain and will be sure to say we know our ambassador if we get thrown into la carcel!

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