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What is the one change you believe would lead to the biggest improvement for women’s economic security?

Paid family leave. The “motherhood penalty” is real. Women’s pay equity is significantly affected by becoming a mother. Taking time off to care for children has a tremendous impact on lifetime earnings and retirement security for women, and there are 53 million caregivers in America with many struggling to balance work and caregiving.

Paid leave could really help. Right now, 1 in 4 workers lack access to paid sick leave; about half lack access to paid medical leave; and 4 in 5 lack access to paid family leave. Moreover, for fear of financial insecurity, 1 in 4 moms go back to work within 10-14 days of giving birth.

Who are you most inspired by right now?

Claire Diaz Ortiz. The former Twitter exec and mother is a venture capitalist who funds female founders across the Southern Hemisphere. After a robust review of the horrible paid leave policy standards in the startup community, she helped write a playbook for founders to ensure better policies. She also lives those values and is currently stepping in as an acting CEO so one of her female founders can take maternity leave.

What is one thing you have seen, read, or heard that you would recommend to everyone?

The Vox interview with James Carville on wokeism. I also subscribe to Bari Weiss on substack and enjoy the way she challenges main stream narratives.

If you could have any job in the world for one month, what would it be and why?

The supreme allied commander. I don’t actually want to do the work of a four star combatant commander… but the title is badass. How “DC” is it to want a job just for the title on your business card? Haha… I have been here too long.

Who do you love to follow on social media and why?

I follow lots of political reporters – Twitter is my place to get news.

Adrienne Schweer is a Fellow at the Bipartisan Policy Center.

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Judy and Gene Pearson
Judy and Gene Pearson
3 years ago

I am a 75 year old male. The thought of being a single, working mother of young children in our society cowers me! I don’t think I could make it as one. They need assistance for their own benefit, the benefit of their children and the long term benefit of the country.

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